Monday, October 18, 2010

Homegrown Herbs!

Hey there everyone! Look what I have!

I was at Wal-Mart awhile back and purchased and herb growing kit. I love buying this sort of thing off season, because you can get it at a great discount. And because it is grown inside, it doesn't really matter that it is off season, and I can use it right away! This cute little kit only costs (at least where I am...) $4, and they had a variety of colors.

I took this picture after about 2 weeks of growing, and I think they're doing quite well. 

On the left is rosemary, the middle is basil, and the right is thyme. The rosemary were the last to sprout, but they sure are shooting up the quickest! I'm excited to get them growing so that I can start using them for cooking and for beauty uses. Basil is a great acne treatment!

Expect me to post periodically on their success! 
P.S. I don't know much about using fresh herbs (When to pick, for example)... So any suggestions would be great!! THANKS!!! :)

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  1. I'm not too sure about rosemary and thyme, but I know for basil you can freeze it after it's picked and it will stay for a few months. I just harvested my sage and basil that I grew outdoors. I dried the sage to use in my candles and then froze the basil to use in cooking.



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