Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Need Your Decorating Guidance!!

Hey everyone! I am going to be moving soon, which means I'll have my own place to decorate. Yayy! I didn't have too much decoration in my previous apartment (I'm back at home with my mom, ugh..) But I want to make sure I make my new home pretty.

But I need help... I need guidance.

In my previous apartment, I purchased some dark purple Egyptian Cotton Sheets. My comforter that I used was from the hotel that I work at. Apparently my manager deemed it as being stained, although, after washing it, I can't find the stain. Anyways, its white and is in desperate need of a duvet cover or quilt or something, just so it lasts longer and prevents further staining.

I'm torn. I'm not beyond making my own duvet cover, because I think it might be a good first sewing project for me. But I've found this duvet cover and this quilt and I really can't decide which route to go! I thought about putting them together, but I'm afraid it will be too much. What do you think?

There's this one from Kohl's. I like this because it has the light purple and the green will go well with the dark purple. And the design overall is really pretty. Plus, its not very expensive in the first place and I will be working at Kohl's part-time starting Wednesday, which means I can receive a 15% discount.


This grey quilt from Anthropologie. I don't think I would be getting this exact one, but will actually have a very similar one made for me. So since all I'll really need to purchase is the fabric, this should be relatively inexpensive as well. And I am really liking the idea of grey on dark purple.

So what do I do? I really want to use both because I love them both so much, but I think that will be just too busy, with the pattern of the duvet cover and the texture of the quilt. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid? Help!!

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