Sunday, October 10, 2010

Influenster's VoxBox = Free Full Size Products!!

Awhile back, I requested to be a part of Influenster. From what I can tell, Influenster is basically a marketing group. It's by invitation only. Once accepted, you are put into a subcategory (Mine is the Green Subgroup). So, they ask you a bunch of questions (I don't even remember what), and that is how they decide where to send you. After waiting a couple months, you'll be able to try some free product, and let me tell you, these products are really superior.

So, I received my first VoxBox (their box of products that they send out), and I am really impressed! It was like Christmas morning!

Here are some pictures with the products, and soon, I will have full reviews of each product. So far, there is only two product that I have yet to use and the one I'm waiting for the perfect first moment to make it, and the other well... you'll understand why.

These are the edible products that I received. The first (on the left) are Z Sweet sweetener packets, similar to what you would use to sweeten your coffee or tea. They are sugar free, so they are safe for diabetics, and also zero calorie. They also claim to be 8-times sweeter than sugar! The canister is also a sugar replacement, with the same properties as the sweetener packet, except this is packaged more for use as a total sugar replacement. So, you could bake with this or sprinkle it on your cereal, or mix it with your coffee. The last product, on the right, is Rishi Tea Organic Chocolate Chai. This is the product that I haven't used yet. The package wasn't extremely large, and at work, we have a hot water dispenser... so I've really been waiting to use this.

The first product is great. Its an oil control facial moisturizer from Desert Essence, and it is huge! It'll probably take me a year to go through this, and you really need hardly any to cover your face. Wish I would've gotten my VoxBox before purchasing a facial moisturizer! I absolutely love Pureology's products. It's one of my favorite haircare lines. And if you don't know, Pureology isn't cheap. Each of these bottles cost about $28.... EACH! So Influenster is really sending some quality products here. The final product in this picture is Kiss My Face Castile Soap in Acai Pomegranate. So far, I have only used this as a body wash, but if you know anything about castile soap, you know that you can use it for just about anything. And the smell is amazing! I want to wash my entire house down in this soap. There is also a sample pack of feminine products (tampons, panty liners) that I have yet to use...

So keep an eye out for the full reviews! These really are great! :)

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