Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My current skincare routine

I wanted to share with everyone my skincare routine. I don't have it down to a science yet, but I think I am getting closer. If only I could get this oil under control, everything will be well in the world. I hope this helps with anyone trying to figure out their next skincare purchase!
Morning Routine
Every morning, I start by washing my face in the shower. My current cleanser is Dickinson's Witch Hazel Cleanser. I really like this one because witch hazel is great for balancing oil levels, and I really feel as though it is doing just that. || Once I'm out of the shower, I will tone my face with Simple Soothing Toner. I like this one because I'm finding that it really gets all of the dirt out of my skin and lets me start with a clean pallet.  || I don't moisturize often, but when I do, my favorite is Mario Badescu AHA & Cermide Moisturizer. I actually used to use all Mario Badescu products until I got bored and I still really like this one because its one of the lightest that I have found. || When I use a face mask, I actually make an asprin & honey mask. I use Bulk Assured Asprin from Dollar Tree (because its cheap and uncoated). I will take four and dissolve them in water to create a paste, and then mix a small amount of honey to soothe my skin. I really like the asprin because it does a great job at shrinking my large pores.
Nightly Routine
When I am getting ready for bed, I am lazy and use Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove my makeup. || Then, I use what I have left of my Proactiv Repairing Lotion to help prevent acne (its too moisturizing for me during the day, oddly enough). || When I want to shrink my pores without the asprin mask, I found that applying a coat of Proactiv Refining Mask over my cheeks and forehead before bed will do the trick, as well. I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has dry skin.
Eyecare Routine
Right now, I am using Neutrogena Eye Make-up Remover to take off all of my eye make-up, as needed. It is usually twice a day: once at night to get most everything off and then again in the morning to get residue mascara off after washing my face. || When I remember to apply an eye cream, I grab my Lancome Genefique sample, which has lasted me forever. I do like it, but not sure if I'll give up the money when I run out. I may try something different (Back to Mario Badescue? Who knows!)

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  1. Great skincare routine, girl! Love the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes!
    xo TJ



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