Monday, April 19, 2010

There's Nothing to Look Forward to After Turning 21

Well.... It was quite the wonderful weekend.  :)  

 On Thursday, I didn't make it to my Humane Society Orientation, unfortunately.  I felt absolutely horrible.  I got caught up in traffic.  And there's one thing I hate, and that is to be late.  I would have been over 10 minutes late, actually.  So, I turned around and went home.  Then I finished getting around... went to Fallen Timbers Shopping Center, which is beautiful outdoor mall.  And then later on that evening, my roommate took me to Chili's.  After 2 margaritas, I was feeling pretty good.  And I am quite surprised by this.  I used to be able to drink a lot.  At least I am a cheap date!  Anyways, I actually ordered Shrimp.  I ate 3 pieces.

Friday night was the night of my birthday party. For once, I was more concerned with the quality of my company as opposed to the quantity.  The guest list consisted of Alex, my boyfriend; Jamie and Marcus, two of Alex's closest friends who are dating each other; Megan, my roommate; Tony, Megan's boyfriend; Kyle, one of Megan's best friends; Katelyn, one of my best friends from high school; and Sam, Katelyn's boyfriend. 

I was pretty tipsy by the end of the night.  But overall, it was a pretty good time.  My refrigerator looks exactly as it should.  A case of Busch Light, a case of Mountain Dew, liquor, cake, and condiments.  The bulk of the people there, really only spent the evening playing a game of Kings.  It would have been fun if the rest of the group was interested in playing, like my boyfriend for example (apparently Kings makes him mad?).  We couldn't agree on the rules, since each of us had played with different rules... but for the one card, we made that one start a mini game of "Never Have I Ever".  It was fun, since there were 3 girls and only 1 guy actually playing, for us girls to team up on the guy.  We would say things like, "Never have I ever been born with a penis."  It was all in good fun.  

Everyone left a little earlier than I expected, but that was okay.  After they left, and Alex and I went to bed, we had a really good conversation.  Alex and I started seeing each other at the beginning of January, right before I moved to Toledo.  So I obviously knew him from home.  One of my closest friends actually introduced us.  She knew him because they went to college together and discovered they their hometowns were so close together.  Anyways, we try to see each other as much as possible, but we live about an hour away from each other.  When we started to hang out, neither of us really expected much, but as things progressed, we really ended up liking each other.  As of May 7th, I officially had a boyfriend.  And as of April 16th, we realized we loved each other.  It really makes me happy to know that we're on the same page.  And I am very luck to have him in my life.

So the rest of the weekend, was pretty much spent laying low and spending time with Alex since it will be another two weeks until we see each other again.  Saturday, we played the new Super Mario Brothers game for Wii and then saw Kick Ass... and after wards, we ate Macaroni & Cheese.  And then yesterday, we walked around the Toledo Botanical Gardens and then laid around my apartment until it was time for him to go home.  And now I am sitting at work, missing him, and missing my wonderful weekend.  Coming back to reality, really kind-of sucks....

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