Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Instagram

I really love Christmas... especially now that I have my own house. Even better, my boyfriend works or a landscaping company, so we get a real Christmas tree. {Forget my $20 Dollar General Artificial Tree!} I hope that one of these days, I'll be able to totally deck out my house in Christmas Decor. But for now, my tree will have to do.

Oh, so funny story! I was pinning one day, and found a Cinnamon Ornament recipe. Of course, in the Christmas spirit, I decided to make them. The punch line of the story is that when they were done, I had them sitting on a baking sheet and my boyfriend seriously thought they were cookies. Apparently Cinnamon Ornaments don't taste to good?

Here are the Instagram pics I took during/after putting up the tree:

The two ornaments are two of my favorites. I purchased both at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I also have a cute couple of ornaments from Kohls. I plan on going to a local shop sometime this week to see if they have anything super unique!

I'm going this weekend to look for a new tree topper and tree skirt. Kohls has a really cute tan suede and faux fur tree skirt. I have NO IDEA what to use as the topper quite yet. I just don't like anything I see!

**Oh, and in case you were wondering... this post was not sponsored by Kohls or Jo-Ann Fabrics. I just really enjoy shopping at both businesses. :)

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