Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New House is in the Works!

I am probably one of the most excited people on the planet right now, after the people who are winning the lottery, and the new parents, etc.

In less than two weeks, my wonderful boyfriend and I will be the proud owners of our first house!

Let me tell you why I am so extremely excited, besides the obvious reasons.
  • I have had 12 addresses in the past 5 years. It's been insane. I had an ex-boyfriend that I had lived with awhile back, and when our lease was up on one home, we moved into another because I wouldn't have been able to take another year in that apartment. Just a couple months after moving there, we broke up and I moved back in with my mom. Then, just a couple months after that, her and her fiance bought a house, so we moved there. ....And the story continues with my journey of moving every couple of months. Lets just say that I want to settle down and not worry about moving for a very long time.
  • I'm living with my boyfriend's parents at the moment. And although I do love his family dearly, there just isn't enough room for all of us. My hunny bunny is the oldest of four (and their house isn't very big, either). When I moved in here, there was hardly enough room for him, let alone adding me to the picture. And then there is the issue that I'm almost 24 years old, I just want to abide by my own rules and live in every room of my house (not just a tiny bedroom). 
  • Because of all the moving, most of my stuff has been sitting in storage for the past couple years. I would love to get it all out and actually see all of the stuff that I own! And I've also picked up some things here and there for projects that I planned on doing. I would love to actually finish those projects. 
  • And then there's the most obvious reason... I want to DECORATE!!!
So, with all the excitement, I've been searching through the Pinterest boards, finding inspiration for different rooms in the house, as well as different projects that I can do once we get moved in there. I want to share the two biggest ones with you, that I have found.

The one room that we fought about the most was the kitchen. Just about every other room in the house we could agree on how we want to decorate. I FINALLY found some inspiration for the kitchen that I am in love with.

There are some minor differences, we have hardwood floors and we don't have open cabinet doors or the large patio doors. But I think I could easily duplicate this kitchen (and I think the hardwood would look awesome!). I've seen people all over the blogging community removing their cabinet doors entirely, so I may do that for a couple as opposed to the open front doors. We were also planning on doing stainless steel for our appliances, as well. The only other difference is that I think I am going to paint the walls a light grey color.

Oh, and we found a lantern like the one hanging in a local home decor store in the mall. I'm pretty excited!

I am going to make some tables very similar to these for the living room. My boyfriend's family uses a wood burner for heat, therefore I have very easy access to wood. I do believe I'm going to make mine larger in diameter and about half as tall, with longer legs, if I can find them. I have also contemplated doing half moon shapes. What do you think would look better?

These are the two pieces that I am most excited about at the moment. I also picked up a copy of Country Living magazine today, with some inspiration that has me really excited. I might update you on that depending on what I can find online.

I hope you all a wonderful day!!

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