Monday, January 16, 2012

Country Living Inspirations

My most favorite article in February's Country Living magazine was one titled "A Good Yarn". It talks about using yarn to add texture to your home. All of the items they featured in this article can be store bought, but because I already know how to crochet & knit, I would just make them myself! Here are a few of my favorites:

I absolutely love the bathmat.
I am completely infatuated with the leg warmers.
I especially like the basket with kindling.
My next favorite article was called "The Very Picture of Rugged Refinement". I am in love with almost every picture they posted here. But here are some that I plan on using as inspiration in my new home.

I really love the table here, but I especially love the shallow bowl. They recommend switching out it's contents to constantly change the centerpiece. I could use red and gold glitter balls for christmas!
The coat rack would be super simple to make!
"One Beautiful Bathroom, Seven Budget-Savvy Tips" is a short article with tons of good ideas!!

They recommend putting your bath salts into new containers, such as apothocary bottles. And I especially love, oddly enough, the toilet paper wrack on the back of the toilet. But there are so many aspects about this bathroom that I truly adore!
I am obsessed with the kitchen in "Back to Basics", even though I already have inspiration for my kitchen.

If I was to ever remodel my kitchen, I would definitely go with butcher block countertops. My father, who remodels kitchens for a living, says that he buys these from Ikea as a cheap, chic alternative. I am enthused by the most minimalistic things. I love the rack holding the wine glasses under the cupboard. I also love the large jars holding the sugar, and flower. Everything comes together in this photo, and its my goal to incorporate as much as I can into my kitchen.


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  2. I really love those ideas. The coat rack..awesome!
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