Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So very much has changed {flipped upside down}

It has been quite awhile since I posted... months, in fact.
If you recall, things weren't going so well with me. Let me elaborate:

I went through a realization period. You can probably recall the man that I loved and was 
crazy for. I feel like he was quite possibly the love of my life. But, I am changing
as a person. I have had and still will have quite a few changes coming up in my life,
and I came to the realization that him and I were not headed in the same direction.
So, for myself, I left my family. I left the man that had been by my side for the past
three years, my puppy that was like my child, and the house that I called my own.
This was a very difficult time for me. The stress of making this decision was causing
a lot of mental stress. I resisted it for so long that I eventually began having multiple
anxiety attacks a day. If you've never experienced depression or anxiety disorder, 
it is hard to understand the toll that it takes on a person. I was hardly making it through
work, I wasn't going to classes, I wasn't engaging in social activities unless they involved
heavy drinking. It was a dark couple of months. 

But now, everything is much better. I moved out and in with a friend. My ex and I are still on good terms. I am seeing someone new, and he may very well be someone who will be in my life for a long time. I am almost done with my Bachelor's degree and have began job searching. I have never been closer with my friends, and I have even made new friends. The only thing I can complain about now is the fact that I miss my puppy. 

Now that things have started getting better... I knew that it was time to introduce blogging back into my life. Everyday, there are things I cannot help but think of topics to write about. 

It's past by bedtime now, so I think what I will do over the next couple of days is write individual posts on what it going on in my life now. I have pictures and fun information to share with you, but I simply should not do that tonight. 

I have missed all of you. :)


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